Developing a Certa Qualification

We have offered accreditation for over 25 years in many different forms, all of it credit-based and quality assured.  The Government used this model to develop the current Regulated Qualifications  Framework which now has its own standards. It is now crucial that all Recognised Centres are clear about which category their range of courses sits in so that they can be sure if it is regulated or not.

Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) thinks it is most important for learners, industry and education that it is very obvious whether a qualification or unit is regulated. 

Regulated by Ofqual:

Certa qualifications are on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications. They are listed on our website and on the Ofqual Register, both of which are regularly updated.

Centres can use the Certa National Awarding Organisation logo (as above) of publicity for courses.

Please see websites:

Un-regulated units:

We have regionally recognised units or courses, which use the Certa un-regulated unit template. 

Certa un-regulated units do not appear on the Ofqual Register. Un-regulated units are quality assured by Certa and many Centres combine these units to create courses that are tailor-made for their learners.

Centres can use a different Certa logo for courses with these un-regulated units.  Please ask Certa for a copy of the logo your centre needs.

It is most important that centres’ publicity makes it clear whether the qualifications or units you are offering are regulated by Ofqual or are un-regulated.

If the units you offer are un-regulated we suggest you use the following wording to ensure their validity:

‘These units are un-regulated and are quality assured by Certa.’