About Certa Qualifications and Units

We have over 250 qualifications on the Ofqual Register.  You can view these at:  http://register.ofqual.gov.uk/Qualification

Ofqual - the qualifications regulator - recently finished a consultation called 'After the QCF - A New Qualifications Framework'. This concluded that the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) used for the regulation of vocational qualifications should be replaced with a new single and simple to use framework, called the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

The change has now been made and the RQF has replaced the QCF. All new qualifications will now be regulated through the RQF. Ofqual states that the RQF is more descriptive and less prescriptive than its predecessor.


The term 'QCF' will be removed from all qualifications. Any new qualifications will no longer have QCF in their title. All existing qualifications will be updated to RQF by December 2017.

Guided Learning Hours (GLH) will be replaced with Total Qualification Time (TQT), which includes GLH, assessment and self-directed study time - indicating the size of the qualification by the total amount of time a learner is expected to take.

The terms Award, Certificate and Diploma remain.

Qualifications will now be more flexible with each Awarding Organisation taking full responsibility for their own qualifications to ensure they are high quality.

You don't need to worry or do anything.  We still have a great range of qualifications available in many sectors.

If you are interested in running a new course or qualification please download the appropriate form and return to development@certa.org.uk.

View our Qualification Search for full details of our qualifications. 

Details of funding arrangements for qualifications funded by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Ofqual can be found on the Funding page.

For further information, or to discuss qualification ideas or new developments which may be funded through the SFA or the Innovation Code, please contact the Product Research and Development Team on 01924 434600 or email our helpdesk at: development@certa.org.uk .

Regulated and Un-regulated provision

1. We offer Qualifications, and Units from those Qualifications, that are regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). The Qualifications and their units can be found via the Qualification Search Page. Each unit has a Unit Reference Number.

2. We also offer un-regulated Units. They are quality assured by us and many Centres combine these units to create courses that are tailor-made for their learners. For more information on un-regulated units please drop us an email with your query to development@certa.org.uk.