Dr Mitch Waterman, AFBPsS

Job Title: Pro-Dean for Student Education, MGW photo

Faculty of Medicine and Health

Provider: University of Leeds

Trustee since: June 2014

I am honoured to be invited to assume the Chair of CERTA’s Access to HE Committee and to join the Board of Trustees. Widening participation and social inclusion are important moral imperatives for me, both as a personal principle and as a critical professional commitment.

In a number of respects I would have met the criteria for being considered a widening participation candidate when I attended university in the 1980s, studying with a diverse mix of interesting colleagues from whom I learned much.  Now, as a working professional, with responsibility for a very large number of students training on vocational professional programmes of study, even more do I appreciate the purpose of widening participation and social inclusion. Learning and its attendant achievement is intrinsically important for the learner – they build confidence, friendships, skills and values. When training professionals who will provide a service to the public it’s essential that the trained students reflect the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of the populations they will serve. In this respect, the more we do to foster social inclusion, the more understanding and fair a society we build. This is of benefit for us all, and is perfectly aligned with Certa’s mission and values.

The Access to HE Diplomas are excellent examples of interesting and useful pathways from secondary to tertiary education – they are flexible, and carefully quality controlled. It will be a privilege for me to work closely with the Access to HE Team, with providers and with the Board to support education for learners, and in so doing, help to foster their sense of achievement."