Centre Monitoring Visits


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Each Centre is allocated a Quality Reviewer (QR), who is responsible for conducting Compliance Monitoring and External Verification Visits. In some circumstances, eg, for particular Qualifications, a specialist External Verifier (EV) may also be allocated. Most visits are planned and the dates shared with the Centre. However, there may be some unannounced visits, as required by the Regulator.

Planning the visit

The number of visits will be calculated according to risk, volume and qualification mix. One visit will always be a review of the Centre’s quality systems; where there is only one visit, it will combine both a review of Centre quality systems and External Verification. The number of visits will be increased for Centres with risk ratings of 3 or 4, and Centres may request extra visits. A fee will be charged for each additional visit.

QRs and EVs will contact Centres to arrange the monitoring visits. 

During the visit


At visits involving external verification the QR or EV will:

  • sample learner work and scrutinise internal verification records
  • provide feedback to assessor(s) about assessment decisions
  • provide feedback to IVs on their feedback to assessors
  • suggest actions to bring about improvement (Recommendations) or require actions to achieve compliance (Conditions) as appropriate
  • review the Centre’s risk rating, amending it and applying sanctions where appropriate

At visits involving compliance monitoring the QR will check that policies and procedures are up-to-date, that the Centre remains compliant with the Centre Agreement and the Certa Centre Recognition Criteria and that quality assurance is being well managed.

The QR or EV is responsible for ensuring that evidence is re-assessed where sampling shows that assessment decisions are inconsistent, and will not sign off achievements under these circumstances. S/he will ask to see additional work where the initial sample identifies an issue, to determine whether the issue is an isolated incident or is more widespread.

After the visit

The Centre will receive a visit report that shows any actions required to be completed, risk ratings and sanctions, where applied. The Centre should inform Certa when any Conditions have been completed. Following the visit, the Centre will be asked to complete a visit evaluation form; please complete and return these to help us improve.    

For further information please refer to the Certa Centre Monitoring and External Verification Policy or the Centre Handbook.