Pre-Issue External Review (PIER)

Certa's Pre-Issue External Review (PIER) Service provides a review of assessment tasks by an external expert before they are used with learners, to give our Centres confidence and peace of mind when using assessment tasks for the first time.........

Further information can be found in the flyer at the foot of this page or, if you are interested in using this service, please follow the process for submission requirements below:


1.  Submit the following documents by email to (quoting PIER Service in the subject line):

  • a)  PIER Submission Form (available for download at the foot of  this page);
  • b) All assessment tasks for the unit(s) you want to have reviewed;
  • c) Your Centre's own Pre-Issue Internal Verification Records

2.   You will receive an invoice for the review request;

3.   Upon receipt of payment of the service fees, your assessment     tasks will be sent to an expert reviewer for consideration;

4.   Within 10 working days, you will receive a PIER Feedback        Report commenting on 9 aspects of the tasks including       transparency, validity, reliability and authenticity


The charge for the use of the PIER Service is a flat fee of £50.00 per unit, regardless of the level, credit value, and how many  tasks of what type are used to assess it.