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Appeals by Learners


Learners or their representatives can appeal against decisions about assessment, investigations into malpractice (including plagiarism) or requests for reasonable adjustments or special considerations.

Learners or their representatives should make the appeal directly to the Centre concerned in the first instance, using the Centre’s Appeals procedure. Learners who are not satisfied by the outcomes are invited to appeal to Certa, within 10 working days of receiving the response from the Centre.

The appeal should follow the Certa Appeals procedure, which is available at the foot of this page and the Appeals form may be sent to by read receipt e-mail, along with a copy of the Centre’s response to the initial appeal. The form and Centre response can also be posted to:

The Quality and Standards Manager
Certa House
Lower Warrengate

Certa will acknowledge all appeals and will tell the appellant what is happening at each stage. Please see the Appeals procedure for further details.

Appeals by Centres


Centres can appeal against Centre Monitoring outcomes, investigations into malpractice or the application of Sanctions.

Centres should make the appeal to Certa, within 25 working days of receipt of the relevant report or letter.

Please be advised to submit an appeal to Certa there is a £50 fee for this process.  Should the appeal be successful, this fee will then be credited.

*should a learner appeal be successful and it  is found that there has been irregularities within the Centre involved, then Certa has the right to cross charge the Centre for this appeal.

For further information refer to the Certa Appeals Procedures

Downloads and on-line form:


Certa Appeals Procedures 2016-17 

Certa Appeals Process Flowchart

Certa Appeals Form