Quality Team

The Quality team and staff of the National Quality Assurance Training Centre work hand in hand to provide a range of quality development and enhance services for our centres, as well as stepping into assure standards when things go wrong.

Certa's quality assurance function includes a great deal of work to ensure strong compliance with Ofqual's General Conditions of Recognition and the QAA's AVA Licensing Criteria, including an internal audit functions and leading our self-evaluation activities, all under the scrutiny of our trustee-led Quality and Standards Committee.

Picture1The Quality team works with our group of Quality Reviewers and External Verifiers with the aim of delivering outstanding on-site quality assurance to ensure robust and reliable assessment which makes a Certa certificate valid and valued by learners, employers and the wider community.

This is complemented by the work of the National Training Centre, providing quality enhancement training and professional updating across our network of centres.

Together with all of our centres , we aim for nothing less than to build a truly excellent network of education provision across the region, nationally and internationally.