Lesley Shepperson

Job Title:Lesley Shepperson

Independent Education and Business Consultant & Managing Director

Provider Name
Shepperson and Shepperson Consultants Ltd

Trustee since:
9 June 2016

A Senior Leader, Education and Business Consultant, Managing Director of Shepperson and Shepperson Consultants Ltd, Lesley has proven dynamic leadership and management experience. After initially spending her early working life in private industry she decided to follow her passion for helping and supporting others to reach their full potential by entering into education, training and development.

With over 20 years of experience, working across a wide range of educational institutions, her journey has led to involvement in many social and business enterprises.  These have included mentoring and supporting disenfranchised young people entering into employment, youth and community work, supporting young people in care, coaching and mentoring aspiring professionals, developing educational standards and materials, working with training providers, business development and education and business consultancy.

The simultaneous answering of both the business and skills development agenda has never been more critical.

I am delighted to be a part of Certa, an effective and forward thinking organisation that is able to change lives through education; personal and professional development.